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Empowering Women through Mountain Biking: Banded Peak Brewing x Shred Sisters Scholarship Fund

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Empowering Women through Mountain Biking: Banded Peak Brewing x Shred Sisters Scholarship Fund

Beneath the shared passion for outdoor adventures and meaningful community impact, Banded Peak Brewing and Shred Sisters have joined forces to create a scholarship fund for women in the world of mountain biking. This scholarship fund was created to provide financial support to women who have a keen interest in taking up mountain biking but might not have the means to do so.

About Shred Sisters

Shred Sisters is a group of passionate women, who specialize in providing professional mountain biking coaching, programs, and workshops designed specifically for women. They offer an environment and community where women can connect, share their passion, and feel empowered to push their limits through a multitude of different programs. For each program, they have carefully curated the perfect trails that feature terrain to consolidate your skills and provide the right amount of challenge!

The Scholarship Fund at a Glance

What sets the Banded Peak Brewing x Shred Sisters Scholarship Fund apart is its commitment to breaking down financial barriers for women in the mountain biking community. Recognizing that the sport can often be male-dominated and cost-prohibitive, this joint venture seeks to create an inclusive and supportive environment for aspiring female riders. The scholarship fund grants selected applicants full access to Shred Sisters' programming and training opportunities. Participants in these programs will benefit from expert guidance and instruction, enabling them to hone their skills and technique in the exhilarating sport of mountain biking.

Proceeds from the sales of Banded Peak Brewing 2023 Pink Boots Brew, North Shore Betty, will go directly into the scholarship fund, ensuring that each donation makes a difference in the lives of aspiring female mountain bikers.

North Shore Betty Sangria Sour

Embrace your inner adventurer and remember you're never too old to send! Our 2023 North Shore Betty Sangria Sour (6.0%) is named in honor of the trailblazing mountain biker and all-around badass Betty Birrell!⁣⁣ Betty is a mountain biker from the North Shore region of British Columbia, who picked up the sport a few years short of 50. She is an experienced rider, having ridden on the harrowing and hallowed trails of the North Shore for nearly 30 years. Betty is an advocate for mountain biking, and her passion for the sport is evident in her riding. She is an inspiration to many, showing that age is no barrier when it comes to pursuing a passion.⁣

Dark red in colour, this tart, fruit-forward beauty was brewed with blackberry, sweet cherry, and sangria hibiscus tea expressing notes of floral and spice, and topped it off with a dose of Pink Boots hop blend. Available online, select liquor stores across the province, and the Banded Peak Taproom.

How to Contribute and Apply

Contributing to this scholarship fund is as simple as purchasing a North Shore Betty 4-pack, with proceeds being donated directly to the fund. By purchasing this delicious beer, you are creating opportunities for aspiring female mountain bikers in your community.

If you're a female mountain biking enthusiast looking for support in furthering your skills, the Banded Peak Brewing x Shred Sisters scholarship fund is an excellent opportunity to secure financial assistance. You can apply online here.

The Banded Peak Brewing x Shred Sisters scholarship fund marks a new chapter in the evolution of women’s mountain biking. This partnership seeks to empower, inspire, and train a new generation of female mountain bikers, who might have otherwise not had the chance to partake and learn more about this exhilarating sport. So, raise a glass of North Shore Betty, and let's toast to the positive impact brewing in the world of mountain biking!

Apply For The Scholarship Fund