Community Pints

BARC's Rescue

$1 from every pint sold in August of Approach in the Banded Peak Taproom will be donated to BARC's.
August 2023

Banded Peak August Community Pint: Approach - BARC's Rescue

For the entire month of August, $1 from every pint sold of Approach in the Banded Peak Taproom will be donated to BARC's Rescue.

About BARC's Rescue:

BARC's rescues dogs who are on death row at high-kill shelters with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving, permanent homes. They advocate for dogs who are on death row solely due to the way they look. Recognizing that every dog deserves a chance, BARCS will not discriminate on the basis of age, health, or breed. They continue to dedicate every resource at their disposal to the physical, emotional, and behavioral rehabilitation of each animal that they rescue.

Founded in 2012, their volunteer-based charity has transported close to 2,500 dogs across North America and internationally that are at threat of being euthanized. Working in partnership with shelters, they identify and transport dogs on buses, cars, and planes to pre-qualified homes in Alberta and the Eastern Region of B.C. When the dogs have adjusted from their journey and settled into their foster homes, they are either adopted by the foster or become available for adoption.

They are continuing to address the international crisis of shelter overpopulation, owner-dog surrenders, and discriminatory breed-specific legislation. BARC's believes that every dog deserves a new leash on life.

BARC's fundraising purpose:

The cost of running a rescue is enormous and only through the generosity of donors, they are able to continue saving dogs from unfortunate situations that include abandonment, owner-surrender, homelessness, and all too often euthanasia.

Donations help them cover all costs associated with rescue including vet care, boarding, transportation, facility fee's, facility maintenance, pet supplies, operational supplies, motorhome maintenance, the facility staff looking after the dogs, advertising, marketing, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchips and so much more.

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